Steve On-Point : Album Design

Conceptualized and designed album artwork for Philly-based rapper, Steve On-Point.  The name of the album is 'So Phar Removed', and the concept was to portray a happy all-American family watching TV together.  The oldest child is shown in color, not paying attention to the TV or his family.  The back of the album reveals that the family is just staring at a bare wall.  They are removed from reality, and the son is removed from their reality, in his own colorful world.  

The female model for this photo shoot is Alexie Gilmorebefore she hit Hollywood fame and shared the screen alongside Robin Williams and Matthew McConaughey.  I like to think that it was this project that paved her way as a successful movie/tv actress.  You're welcome, Alexie :)

Check out some candid shots of Alexie Gilmore from our photo session below.